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We prepared different "travel elements", which you can put together, depending on you dreams, wishes, time and budget.


Putting them together, You get an overview about the avarage price and can contact us for specification and the exact proposel.

We calculate for you the exact days (including all transfers), the costs - depending on your choice of accomodation, transport and services - and prepare for You a tailor - made itinery.


Together with You we do the final planings and agree on all details.


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Below the list of our “travel-elements”, sorted on country and topic, from which you can create your own scheduled package and also approximately calculate the price.

We want our clients to enjoy the freedom of “tailoring” their own itinerary from proposed elements, which can be FREELY combined with each other. Note, that there are no travel days (arrival, departure) on the beginning and the end of each element! So that you have no additional costs, putting together elements which can follow each other without travelling.

On the other side please allow on combining extended elements (in the terms of distance) one or two travel days. These again can be filled with interesting experience and sightseeing. We will care for you and propose, what can be done in all transfer days…!


The pricing is not yet done - so for the moment you can inquire via email. count an average price of 130.- Euro /Day for all inclusive and travelling with a smaller group of 6 people!


Cultural tours


Uganda Culture I – performances, Architecture and Museums of Kampala:

1.       Tour through Kampala, visiting the local market, the Gadhaffi mosque, homemade food for lunch, , visit the hindu temple and a local family in Bweyogerere,  nightlife experience in local pub/club,  overnight in Eastern Route Hotel

2.       Tour to Jinja and the source of Nile, Boat trip and Fish-dinner direct on the shores of the Nile, overnight in Eastern Route Hotel - Kampala

3.       Visit the Bahai Temple, the National Museum with its meaningful ethnological and musicological collection and the African souvenir market, evening performance of the Ndere Group or Kiga Troup, overnight in Eastern Route Hotel - Kampala


Uganda Culture II – drums and dance at Lake Bunyonyi – Lost Paradise Beach (www.lostparadisebeach.jimdo.com)

1.       drum and dance circle (2h). Possibility of councelling in “African wisdom” (partner and family therapy), lunch, After lunch: Hillwalk or possibility of bathing, canoeing and other free time activities, late afternoon: drum and dance circle (3h)

2.       drum and dance circle (2h). Possibility of councelling, based on “African wisdom” (partner and family therapy). Lunch. After lunch: “Island – Jumping” with engine boat: Exploring the islands of Lake Bunyonyi. Late afternoon: drum and dance circle (3h)

3.       drum and dance circle (3h), lunch, after lunch visit the BaTwa Pygmies cultural program (full afternoon with Motor – Boat), together last supper in the “Waterhouse”


Drum and Dance Therapy (with experienced instructors from Europe and Africa)

1.       drum and dance therapy (3h). evaluating and councelling in “African wisdom”. Lunch. After lunch: common canoeing and swimming (optional). Late afternoon: drum and dance and heal yourself up to the night

2.       drum and dance therapy (3h). evaluating and councelling in “African wisdom”. Lunch. After lunch: common canoeing and swimming (optional). Late afternoon: drum and dance and heal yourself up to the night

3.       drum and dance therapy (3h). evaluating and councelling in “African wisdom”. Lunch. After lunch: common canoeing and swimming (optional). Late afternoon: drum and dance and heal yourself up to the night


Drumming Circle at Lake Bunyonyi (with experienced western instructor and workshop leader)

1.       Drumming together – communicating together (learning of the basics, learn your partners)

2.       Drumming together – communicating together (knowing your partners – talk with the drum)

3.       Drumming together – communicating together (talk and listen – COMMUNICATE !)


Northern Uganda

1.       Gulu town: market and visit of the town. Travel to Kitgum

2.       Kitgum town. Shopping and town walk, visiting villages in the northern step land and camps


Team Building at Lake Bunyonyi

1.       Enjoy the teambuilding program through Drumming and dancing workshops. Evenings are reserved for evaluation.

2.       Hillwalk and canoeing together

Nature tours and National Parks


Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kasese

1.       Starting this Event with a trip to Kilembe, on the foot of the Rwensori Mountains. Hillwalk and lunch at a local BaKonjo – Restaurant (with delicious local dishes!), bathing in the fresh mountain river (optionally) and late afternoon travel and enter the QENP – to watch the lions, which just might get up…, sleeping in Katwe Lodge

2.       Game Drive (full day) in the park. Boat trip over the Kazinga Channel (2h), sleeping in Katwe Lodge

3.       Morning visit the salt lake of Katwe, with excursion, then travel to the Ishasha part of the park, for searching for the rare three climbing lions. Sleep in Ishasha

4.       Game drive (full day) in the park. sleeping in Katwe Lodge or Ishasha Lodge


Uganda Murchinson Falls National Park

1.     Starting in the afternoon from the north-western part, we will make a game drive and reach the Nile. There you might see Hippos, Giraffes and all the animals…, sleep in pakwach or in the red chilly camp near the river Nile (inside the park)

2.       Game drive in the morning. We will then cross the Nile by ferry, then going up to the fall with a stunning view. optionally river cruise. River Nile falls there 43m just through a gap of only 7 meters in width. There is a Hippo population on the base of these falls, you may also see Elephants, buffalos and crocodiles. We continue the Game drive to the southern part. There is also rainforest where you will find monkeys, baboons and chimpanzees. Sleep in Masindi.

3.       Going for the last morning trip to the Budongo Forest for a Nature walk to see monkeys and animals living in the rainforest.


Uganda Volcanoes and Kigezi Highlands

1.       Visiting the wonderful mountain lake Mutanda (1h by foot or car) and Lake Mulehe. Afternoon visit the market and chilling out in Kisoro, sleep in Travellers Inn or Golden Monkey guesthouse

2.       Visit one of the volcanoes: mount Muhavura or Sabinyo (full day hiking)

3.       Nature walk on the edge of the impenetrable Bwindi forest.


Uganda Karamoja and Kidepo National Park:

1.       Wild Nature travel from Kaabong through the desert-like dry savannah to Kidepo NP, Gaming in the evening

2.       Sleep in UWA lodge direct in the park and continue the game drive in Kidedpo NP. Afternoon – visit a local Karimojong homestead.

Eastern Uganda and Sipi Falls

1.       Jinja – source of the Nile, continue to Sipi falls. Sleep in Lacam Lodge with view on the falls

2.       Travel and visit the Kumi rock paintings (1 hour). Visit of the Sipi Falls. Dinner and overnight.

3.       In the morning mountain walk around mount Elgon and travel to Ssezibwa falls.


Uganda Lake Mburo National Park

1.       LMNP game drive, sleep in UWA lodge direct in the Park

2.       Continue touring the Parc, afternoon transfer to Igongo museum – Mbarara


Western Uganda and Rwenzori Mountains

1.       Visiting Kasese and the former mines of Kilembe, River bathing at the foot of Rwenzori mountains

2.       Mountain walk – full day – and visiting BaKonjo homesteads

3.       Travel to Fort Portal and visit Semilik NP, passing agoin through the mountains of the moon


Central Uganda 

1.       Entebbe: Botanical Garden and snake village visit. Sleep in Kampala

2.       Town visit: Mosque of Gadhaffi, African market, National museum. Sleep in Kampala

3.       Trip to Jinja and visit the source of the Nile and Bujagali


Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

1.       From Gorilla lodge go on Nature Walk in the Bwindi Reservate – sleep in Kisoro

2.       Visit lake Mutanda, travel around Bwindi and village visit in Kigezi Highlands


Uganda Lake Bunyonyi

1.       Relax and swim and canoe at Lost Paradise Beach (overnight)

2.       Visiting the neighbouring island and Kenneths Family on canoe

3.       Trip with motor boat around the lake: visit different islands. Optional tribal show of the pygmies

4.       Hill walk around the lake, visiting homesteads and the local community (optional)


Uganda Gorilla Trip

1.       You start the tour early morning from Kisoro. After the introduction of the Guide, you spent 1h at a Gorilla family either in Bwindi or in Mgahinga NP

2.       Excursion to the feet of the Volcanoes and Nature trip around Kisoro.


Tribal tours

Tribal: BaHima

1.       Visit a typical Ankole pastorists homestead and spend the day around – sleep in tents

2.       Spend the day together and participate in all activities, such as milking, making yogurt, ghee, cleaning and smoking the gourds for food, … sleep in Great Lakes Holiday Inn Rwahi

3.       Visit lake nyabihoko, deep in the Hima region. Boat trip to governers Island and lunch there


Tribal: BaIru

1.       Starting the day with a village walk through Rushooka and lunch in a local home. Visiting the plantations and the parish – evening village disco, sleep in the village

2.       Visiting different local homes and meeting people. Fotoshooting etc., attending village activities

3.       Continuing to more remote parts of the tribal area, visiting homesteads and nature trip

4.       Go to lake Nyabihoko on motorbikes (optional), Boat trip to governers Island and lunch there, sleep in Great Lakes Holiday Inn Rwahi


Tribal: Karimojong

1.       Mount Moroto, going around, travel kotido (sight seeing karamoja)

2.       Tour karamoja and visit homesteads of the karimojong – sleep Kotido

3.       Continue through the stepland to Kaabong: village and Nature walk, visit of the market and homes, evening in “Rock Café” (an a big rock in Kaabong) - sleep in Kaabong.


Tribal: Acholi

1.       Kitgum: visit town and people in Kitgum. Big town walk and acces community events

2.       Going around to villages and enyoj drums and dance of the acholi. Cultural performance.


Tribal: BaTwa Pygmies

1.       Lake Bunyonyi: visit the BaTwa Pygmies cultural program (full afternoon with Motor – Boat)

2.       Travel to Kigezi Highlands and join the BaTwa trail – walk to villages

3.       Visit the BaTwa Community on lake Bunyonyi

Rwanda + Burundi

Culture and Nature tours


Rwanda - Akagera National Park

1.       Visiting the genocide memorial and travel lake Muhazi

2.       Travel to the Park. Visit Akagera NP

3.       Akagera NP game drive


Rwanda – Volcano Visoke

1.       Sightseeing tour to lac Burera – transfer to Ruhengeri

2.       Parc de volcanoes and trekking to Visoke volcano (Kinigi)

3.       Parc de volcanoes: golden monkey trekking


Rwanda Culture and Nature

1.       Visit genocide memorial in Kigali and transfer to Kivumu. Cultural Performance

2.       Visit of the village and the parish center, transfer to Kibuye

3.       Boat trip and bathing possibility at the lake Kivu


Rwanda Lake Kivu and Gorillas

1.       Visiting Gisenyi town and Lake Kivu (bathing optionally), transfer to Ruhengeri

2.       Early morning: start of the full day gorilla trek in the Parc des Volcanoes NP


Burundi Nature and Culture

1.       Cultural performance of Burundian Drumming at Ngozi, visit the Town Market

2.       Kibira National Parc – Rainforest trekking – tranfer to Bujumbura. Lodging on the shore of lake Tanganyika

3.       Market and visit Bujumbura town. Bathing and relax


Culture and Nature tours


Congo - Gorillas

1.       Lake Kivu – Bathing, sightseeing. Visiting the town of Goma, which was terribly destroyed by the famous volcano eruption of Mt. Nyiragongo. Overnight in Goma

2.       Early morning: start of the full day gorilla trek in the Virunga NP


Congo: Nyiragongo - active Volcano trek

1.       In the morning arrival from Goma. Climb the Volcano, sleeping in the Cabanas on the rim of the biggest Lava Lake in the Earth

2.       Breakfast, Descending and departure to Goma


Congo: Nature – Culture – Tribes – National Parks

Because Congo is too big, to put all the possibilities into “travel elements” we ask you kindly to send an email if you are interested in CONGO and what is you preferency, what you would like to do and see.


We offer a broad band of options:

Mountain Gorillas tracking and Rwenzori Mountain hiking in Virunga national park;

Eastern Low land Gorillas,

Mountain hikings, forest walk and waterfalls visit in Kahuzi Biega national park;

Game drive and Lofoi waterfall in Kundelungu and Upemba national parks;

Tribal tours: traditional pygmies and different traditional tribes 

Forest walks in Ituri forest,

Congo river Expedition from Kisangani to Kinshasa(3weeks on way),

Bonobos tracking in Equator province;

Cultural and historical tours.



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