Our philosophy is based on tailor made tours - thats how we can adjust all the package to the wishes and needs of the clients. generally we operate in this fields:




natur - turism:

walks, hiking, mountains (mount elgon, rwenzori), lakes (Bunyonyi, Nyabihoko, Mutanda), hot springs, national park, canoeing, volcanoes...







cultural tourism:

concerts, events, drumming, dancing, cultural showa (national theatre, ndere group, batwa pygmies), village parties...




national parks:

visiting 2 or 3  NATIONAL PARKS (queen elizabeth, lake mburo, bwindi, murchinson falls)







 ethno tours (tribal tourism):

visiting different tribes (hima triba, karamoja, bakiga, acholi, ankole) and go to villages, contact to locals...




adventure tourism:

motobike drives, tours through karamoja, north uganda, rwenzori, volcanes



of course all possible combinations of this topics!! See also our "Travel Elements" in the Tailor Made Tours
Our company offers naturally all the extras like gorilla and chimpansi trecking.

The Profit from BodaBoda Travels will be used for continuing our work with orphans and children in need: www.orutindo.eu

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